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Welcome to the WMita Resources page.  Here you will find useful documents and links to information that you may find particularly interesting as an SME working or operating within the ICT sector. 

ICT Research

ICT Directory & Strategic Survey - A study of the local ICT landscape - University of Warwick Science Park research

SME e-Adoption Report - The West Midlands Region 2004

Business Issues

The Reluctant Project Manager - Hints & Tips to Get Your Project Finished! - SGK Consulting Ltd.

Understanding the Contract we are Signing - Woolley & Co. Solicitors

Outsourcing - reducing costs but increasing risks - Woolley & Co. Solicitors

The Law and a Growing Business
- Woolley & Co. Solicitors

Your Home Office - The Legalities: Legal considerations when working from home - Business Lawyers Limited

Company Formation Checklist: a helpful free checklist for setting up a company - Business Lawyers Limited

Bullying at Work: avoid and reduce the risk of bullying at work - Business Lawyers Limited

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