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Benefits for IT Departments

The IT Network
The West Midlands IT Association (WMita) has been established as the private sector organisation responsible for the development of a credible and thriving IT industry within the West Midlands.

The IT Cluster
WMita is composed of six regional associations - one from each area of the West Midlands.  Each association consists of member companies from all areas of the IT industry, from web design to robotics and artifical intelligence.  Membership is open to anyone involved in the delivery of IT products and services.

Membership for IT departments
Membership will be based on the size of your IT Department. Apply for membership

What are the Benefits for IT Departments?

Business Improvement -
Access to IT experts
Access to IT specialist services
Access to market research and intelligence
Local IT suppliers and services
Access to suppliers with the WMita Quality Mark
One group to source all your ICT supplies and services
Access to WMita Events
Access to Training
As part of all this there is access to Special Interest Groups
A strong and active growing IT association
High quality opportunities to improve and grow
Excellent partnerships with government bodies, universities and the industry.

As part of the ICT sector being able to influence -
Ensuring that business agencies address the needs of ICT suppliers
Being part of a community of interest at the forefront of good ICT practice.

Apply for membership

"As a firm of Chartered Accountants we are often asked for advice and help by clients on IT matters - we do have some internal expertise but we chose to join WMita for two main reasons. Firstly to give us access to a pool of knowledge and experience, which would broaden the scope of the service we already offered to our clients, and secondly to put our name in front of 300 prospective clients - since joining WMita in January 2003 we have strenghtened our working relationship with several WMita members and been able to work collaboratively with them to provide IT solutions for our clients and at our own offices."
- Phil Linnet of Breslins

Local and regional networking events provide WMita members with the opportunity to interact with other member organisations and potential customers, creating opportunities to share knowledge and generate new business.

Training courses and seminars designed to educate and raise awareness!  Enabling WMita members to remain at the forefront of today's technology and helping to ensure a thriving IT industry for future members.

WMita Approved Membership Scheme
A hallmark of quality, designed to assure customers and potential customers that they are dealing with a credible supplier.  Attaining approved status enables members to stand out from the competition.