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This form is provided for enquiries about services that may be offered by our members.  If you have a tender opportunity or an enquiry please enter as much information as possible below and we will try to find a relevant organisation to help you.  The opportunity remains anonymous so your business details are not revealed. If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]

5 Steps to follow:

Step 1. Complete Form below
Step 2. Offers of help will be emailed direct to you for contact
Step 3.  Please be kind enough to inform UKITA Central Office of the outcome
Step 4. Please be kind enough to reply to all respondents and let them know the progress of their response to your request.
Step 5. We will release contact information 1 week after the closing date to encourage feedback and relevant communications to respondents.

Before an opportunity can get posted LIVE, UKITA will need to have some indication of budgets. e.g. Is the budget under 2k, under 5k, under 10k, under 20k, under 30k or over 30k. Please provide this level of information - so that appropriate levels of feedback can be secured.

UKITA Central Office will regularly progress this opportunity with you to seek a successful outcome and to ascertain if our members are able to help you.

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