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WMita - the 'One-stop shop' for all IT requirements

In January 2003, sub-regional IT groups from around the West Midlands amalgamated to become the West Midlands IT Association (WMita). As the Region's foremost IT trade association, WMita are able to offer a high quality and reliable "one-stop shop" for all IT requirements in the area.

If you have an IT need, however great or small, we can ensure that at least one of our members can fulfill that need!  Members collaborate to cover every aspect of IT and / or specialist services you require, and all members abide by the WMita Code of Conduct, so you have the guarantee of a quality service!*

Specialist expertise from across the West Midlands has been marshalled into a cohesive force, making it easy for organisations and businesses with IT requirements to source an appropriate and cost-effective solution.  All IT requirements are catered for, from networks, hardware and software, through to bespoke systems, eCommerce, web design, marketing, back end system integration and training. WMita can add further value with a full range of support services such as graphic design solutions, multimedia presentations, photography and print. 

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WMita - working in partnership to make IT effective.

Contact WMita Head Office at the address on the right for information and advice for your IT and support service requirements or click on contact.

Tell us your needs and we'll source reputable suppliers from our membership and their details and skills will be passed on to you.

* All members abide by the WMita Code of Conduct for business. Many have been awarded the WMita Quality Mark, which is a growing hallmark of quality standards in ICT.

A "one-stop shop" for all IT requirements.  Whether you require:

...WMita will help you to source the right local supplier - at no cost and with complete independence.

WMita can add further value with a full range of support services such as:



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