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Special Interest & Innovation Groups

Special Interest & Innovation Groups (SIIGs) are thematic networks that bring together members with mutual interests from across the region.

The SIIGs focus on areas offering significant commercial potential for UKita members – such as a particular technology, market sector or product/service sector. They help develop the specialism and provide a focus for the specialism both internally and externally, including related business opportunities. Any member may join or participate in any SIIG.

Groups hold regular meetings where participants discuss common issues and opportunities. They also work together on events and projects for the benefit of SIIG members and the wider UKita community.

UKita members can join any of these SIIG's by following the registration process, below

Seven SIIGs are currently active or being launched:

•    Learning & Development (LD-SIIG): covering training and professional development activities. This includes both training within the ICT sector and ICT-supported training in other fields. 
•    Mobile & Wireless (MW-SIIG): covering all aspects of mobile devices, software, applications and content.

•    Public Procurement (PP-SIIG): covering public sector purchasing practices and accessing related opportunities.

•    Software Development (SD-SIIG): covering commercial and technology issues affecting software businesses.

•    Open Source (OS-SIIG): covering all aspects of Open Source technology, members have formed a 'hub' of expertise in the area of Open Source Software.

•    Health sector IT (HIT-SIIG): SIIG run by Medilink WM, UKita and Health Tech to harness and promote the hub of ICT expertise within the health sector.

Women In Technology (WIT-SIIG) : This SIIG was launched in 2007 to help promote women in technology. Specially themed events and seminars are planned to engage women in the IT industry and business as a whole.

Business Continuity Special Interest Group (BC-SIIG) : Launched in mid-2007 this group has been set up to deal with Business Continuity Matters.

Registration Process

This is a TWO stage approach

WMita member needs to register on the website  (top right hand corner)

Once registered  - UKita will “activate your account”

Then you will need to log-in and register at to appropriate forums by selecting the User Groups and choosing whichever group you wish to join. (These will be groups that start with SIIG - ...)

The moderator of that group will activate access as appropriate.

For More Information or to become involved please contact:

Learning & Development             (LD-SIIG)
Tony Bowers, Staffordshire University,
[email protected]

Mobile & Wireless(MW-SIIG)
Tony Bowers, Staffordshire University,
[email protected]

Public Sector Procurement (PSP-SIIG)
Ian Pugh, CGP Associates.
[email protected]

Software Development(SD-SIIG)
Charles Huthwaite, Innoware Ltd,
[email protected]

Open Source (OS-SIIG)
Vijay Singh Riyait, iQubed Ltd,
[email protected]

Health sector IT (HIT-SIIG)
Chris Dyke, Medilink WM,
[email protected]

Women In Technology

Or contact -
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