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Outserve Limited

Managing Director: Philip Oakley
Address: Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG
T: 01212886778     W:     E: [email protected]


Company Size: 2-5 people.

Company Introduction
Outserve Limited is an open source business software consultancy that can help organisations of all sizes get the most from their investment in IT by offering advise and services based on the implementation of open source business software (e.g. CRM, ERP, CMS, BI etc).
Company Profile
Outserve can offer a wide range of products and services based on open source software to ensure firstly that clients understand their options and then to maximum benefits of any implementation. Products and Services offered are as follows Services Open Source Software: Consultancy - Advise on open source software, selection and strategy to implement open source software into new or existing environments. Training - Classroom or 1-2-1 (onsite or offsite) training organised to clients specification. Implementation - Installation setup and customisation services. Systems Integration - many projects can depend on individual products being integrated to give a complete solution Hosting - Many open source solutions are web based and as such can be offered in a hosted environment including delivered as on demand/software as a service. Support - Support contracts on most of the popular products are available either directly or through 3rd party suppliers. In particular, advise and services can be offered on the following products: CRM Customer Relationship Management (e.g. SugarCRM). CRM is a wide subject and many CRM systems can include Project/Service Management, Support Desk and Ticketing, Bug Tracking and Timesheets/billing as well as Sales Force Automation and control and tracking of contacts whether leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, partners or employees. ERP Enterprise Resource Planning(e.g. Openbravo). ERP can include Procurement Management, Warehouse Management, Project/Service Management, Production Management, Sales Management and Financial Management. Accounting Software (e.g ledgersmb)- Accounting software is available for even the smallest of organisations. Business Intelligence (e.g Pentaho), Reporting solutions allow one or many sources of data and information to be consolidated to produce useful and timely information including KPI's and Dashboards. Delivery of reports can include web, email or mobile devices. Office Desktop Software (e.g offers an alternative to Microsoft Office including a Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation program, graphics and database. Operating Systems (Ubuntu Linux) - Linux can be used as a stable and secure server platform or/and as a multifunctional supported desktop. CMS Content Management Systems (e.g. Joomla) - Content management systems are very flexible and can create simple websites right up to large community sites. CMS can allow non technical people to update websites and a group of users to interact as part of a community. Outserve specialises in software that is not only open source but, where ever possible, is cross platform,(software that runs on Linux, Mac and Windows) such as and Firefox. Many of the enterprise solutions are web based and as such can be used from any operating system running a compliant web browser. All sectors of business can benefit from open source software and Outserve has experience of many sectors including: Distribution - Stock Control, Warehouse Management, Order Processing, Financial Management Professional Services - Timesheets, Billing, Project Management, Financial and Project reporting Charities and Not for Profit - Donation control, Project Costing, Charity reporting Information Technology - Bug tracking, Support Desk, CRM, Financial reporting

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