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Digital Nation Census - Digital Nation - UK IT Association (UKITA)
The Digital Nation IT Census 2012

This information will be used to identify clusters in vertical markets and to enable UKITA and other public and private sector organisations to keep you updated about events, funding and projects in relevant areas.

Feel free to fill in as much or as little as is appropriate but the more you fill in – the better the fit of the information and future projects UKITA can bring you.

Data Protection

I am happy for my data to be released to government agencies (LEPs, BIS, New Business Link), Universities and other public sector organisations

I am happy for my data to be released to public AND PRIVATE sector organisations

Keep my data private between me and UKITA (relevant events, funding and other project info will be sent to me by UKIT A on behalf of other organisations but my data won't be released to them)

  I am happy for UKITA to contact me for research purposes?
  Yes email to
Business Name:
phone on
Website Address:
  No - I want to remain anonymous - Please give us the first part of your postcode for analysis purposes. e.g B5

Business Strategy

What is the most important change or improvement to your business you want to achieve in the next 12 months:

Main areas of new opportunity (e.g. new products or markets coming on stream):

Main areas of difficulty or challenge (e.g. cash flow, pressure on margin, skills shortage etc.):

Other services or products you would like to see UKITA or any other organisation bring you:
Any other information relating to your business and growth/development plans:
Accreditations held:
e.g. ISO, Business Link, etc..

Memberships of organisations:
e.g. FSB, BCS, etc..

Areas You Operate In

Select all that apply


How is your business financed?

Doing Now Would Consider Need more information about this please
No borrowing used
Bank overdraft
Bank lending
Credit Card
Directors Loans
Informal Loans
Invoice Finance
Community Development Finance
EU or UK Government Finance

Your Business Development Profile

Main Vertical Sectors you supply to:

Select all that apply

If other please state:

Your Export Profile:

Already supply to:

If other please state:

Would like to supply to:

If other please state:

Barriers to growth:

Select all that apply

Collaboration Profile:

Select all that apply

R&D, Innovation and Intellectual Property:

Select most relevant

Business Growth Expectations:

Number of employees:

Annual turnover:

Select most relevant


Already have in place or would like to have access to

EU Projects
(e.g. FP7, CIP, Eurostars, COIN):

Select most relevant

If other please state:


Select most relevant

If other please state:

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