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UK IT Association (UKITA)

UKITA for Start-Ups

Well done, you have started your own IT business.

You are an expert in your field and you are ready to get to work. All you need to do now is learn how to operate as a business, build your personal network, source projects and promote yourself…

UKITA can help you during the difficult early period in the following ways:


  • Demonstrate your professionalism. By agreeing to our code of conduct you are showing your customers, your competition and your future collaborators that you are serious about operating professionally.
  • Local Area Network. Collaborate with other members to get more business and work on projects that you might not have been able to tackle alone.
  • Get in the loop. We will help keep you up to date with developments within government, the IT sector and within UKITA itself.
  • For extra support. We also work with business support agencies such as Business Link and operate Business Advisers Direct to provide support for our members.
  • And everything else we offer small businesses. You will get all of the above and everything we offer Small Businesses, including marketing support, our business toolkit, and our IT Tendering and Project services.

All members are also invited to the UKITA AGM which is an excellent opportunity to further extend your network, catch up on UKITA activity over the previous 12 months and find out about our exciting plans for the future!

See our PDF on Start Ups and Small Businesses