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Reduced price PII insurance from UKITA and Jelf - UK IT Association (UKITA)
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UK IT Association (UKITA)

Reduced price PII insurance from UKITA and Jelf

Specialist professional indemnity insurance for your industry

When the future of your business and your people is dependent on the advice and guidance you provide to your clients, ensuring that you protect yourselves is critical.No matter how well managed your business is, mistakes can happen. In today’s increasingly litigious environment, there is a risk of facing expensive and potentially embarrassing professional negligence claims.

Could your business afford the cost of the following:
  • a breach of contract claim due to deadlines being missed?
  • a claim for libel or slander?
  • a claim for infringement of intellectual property rights?
  • unintentional transmission of a computer virus?
We want to help UKITA members feel protected. Our knowledge of the IT industry has enabled us to develop an exclusive, specialist professional indemnity insurance product.

Highlights include:
  • Civil Liability Wording - Very comprehensive basis of cover.
  • Innocent Non-Disclosure -Covered as long as the nondisclosure or misrepresentation was not fraudulent or deceitful.
  • Important cover for alleged breaches in the following areas:
    • Confidence
    • Confidential duty (including any breach of data protection legalisation)
    • Misuse of information
    • Libel and slander
    • Copyright, intellectual property rights
  • Cyber liability cover - Cover for compensatory damages or awards arising from:
    • Repair or replacement of your website or computer system following hacker damage.
    • Advertising or publicity expenses necessarily incurred as a result of a hacker attack.
    • Fraudulent use of your encrypted electronic signature, encrypted electronic certificate, email or website.
    • Breach of privacy or confidence through the unauthorised collection or misuse of any confidential data obtained and held electronically by you.
    • Negligent computer virus transmission.
  • Compensation for Court Attendance - the policy will pay for costs paid for a director or employee having to attend court as a witness in connection with a claim.
  • Policy Payable by Interest Free Instalments
  • Ombudsman Awards - the policy will pay binding awards made against you by any relevant Ombudsman.
  • £100,000 Legal Expenses, including cover for:
    • Employment disputes and compensation awards
    • Property protection and bodily injury
    • Legal defence
    • Specified criminal allegations
    • Tax protection
    • Statutory licence protection
    • Contract Disputes (optional)
At Jelf our company philosophy is simple – our clients are at the centre of everything we do.

We are offering UKITA members that have attained the Quality Mark a discount off their PII premium (Subject to no claims):
  • 1st Year 20% (Up to £200)
  • 2nd Year 30% (Up to £300)
  • 3rd Year 50% (Up to £500)
  • For members that have yet to attain the Quality Mark we are offering a 10% discount (up to £100).
We also have full range of general business insurance and protection products available - get in touch to see how you can benefit. Whether it’s time to renew your policy now or in the future, contact us today to find out more - Tel 0117 9809150 Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it