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Andrew Auren
Address: Anglesey House, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 3NT
T: 01283 511 911     W:     E: [email protected]


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Company Introduction
Business Intelligence, Performance management consultancy
Company Profile
Entalysis solutions bring the expertise, methodologies, tools and analyses to run your business processes more effectively and more efficiently. Our solutions enable:

Collaboration and Teamwork,
so every participant within a process can interact, coordinate and contribute.
Insightful Analyses,
clearly leading participants to the root cause and corrective actions for poor- and well-performing sections.
Optimised Methods,
completely flexible, best-practice data calculations and tools, fitted to your business and updating master management information systems where required.
Fully-Exploited Data,
by seamlessly integrating and leveraging all relevant data sources, enabling maintenance-free, live-data reporting.

We work with your teams to optimise any of the business processes which collectively make up the core functions like supply chain, finance, HR and marketing. Entalysis solutions are complementary to any management information system (ERP, HR, CRM, SOP, Financials, etc.) and are used where required elements of functionality or reporting are weak, missing or require enhancement. They identify KPIs, provide bespoke on-demand reporting and update master management information systems. Examples include:

Dashboards, scorecarding and KPIs with full drill-down to base data
Business intelligence, performance management, querying and reporting
Sales analyses for product group/ part versus sales region/ area/ account
Demand forecasting and procurement
Finite capacity planning
SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)
Personnel staffing levels, performance rating and training analyses
Debtor, budget and expenses analyses

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