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UK IT Association (UKITA)

UKITA for Small Businesses

A typical day for a small business may include customer enquiries, recruitment, book-keeping, sales and marketing and product development.

We can help by providing you with information, opportunities and support that allow you to focus your energies on the core issues of running your business. We can also help find you clients and partners by placing you on the Good It Guide and Expert Groups directories.

In addition to that your customers get the reassurance of knowing that you belong to a Trade Association with a Code of Conduct.

UKITA can help small businesses by:

  • Marketing toolkit: The UKITA marketing toolkit is designed for IT professionals to help you achieve your marketing objectives and manage your own marketing campaigns. As a member of UKITA you will also be promoted by UKITA through our marketing platforms.
  • Business toolkit: Among other things The UKITA business toolkit gives you SEO ranking benefit with a user-editable keyword rich link to your own website, access to heavily discounted Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) through the Jelf Group, advice on R&D Tax Credits, member to member discounts and much more…
  • IT Leads and Tenders: UKITA helps you get more business. Members can get access to IT tenders and projects through Skillfair.
  • Collaboration: Source future projects and benefit from the expertise and contacts of others... just as you would within a larger company. Demonstrate your professionalism. By agreeing to our code of conduct you are showing your customers, your competition and your future collaborators that you are serious about operating professionally.
  • Reassure your Customers: By agreeing to the UKITA Code of Conduct you are displaying your commitment to operating professionally to customers and future partners.
  • Explore new avenues. Through our partnerships with public sector organisations, universities and PIN-SME in Europe, we can also make you aware of emerging opportunities.

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See our PDF on Start Ups and Small Businesses