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Chris Odumenya
Address: Horatio House, 77 - 85 Fulham Palace Road, London, London, W6 8JB
T: 020 3384 5199     W:     E: [email protected]


Company Size: 6-10 people.

Company Introduction
Leyton is a consulting firm with a unique goal: quickly improve the financial performance and profitability of its clients without impacting their core business. Founded in the suburbs of Paris by two young visionaries back in 1997, Leyton quickly developed a unique expertise in cost optimisation for both the private and public sector.
Company Profile

Leyton UK Ltd is an organisation that specialises in helping companies reduce their corporation tax liability via the HMRC R&D; Tax Credit Scheme (RDTC). Even if you are not liable to pay corporation tax, you can still benefit from this scheme. Whether you are not claiming under this scheme or currently claiming, Leyton can help you. We have helped many companies obtain a cash injection into their business, ranging from £1,000’s to £100,000’s. RDTC is designed to encourage companies to invest in innovation, better products and better working practices RDTC is broad and well understood by our team and if you can identify with the activities listed below and similar activities, then we may be able to help you with a claim.

Typical R&D; activities: • Building bespoke software applications utilising currently trending technology principles such as cloud computing, SaaS, NFC. • Implementation of a complex software package to integrate existing systems based on different technologies • Development of a complex web based data management system to improve information speed, security and bandwidth • Design of software to automate a manual process applying complex mathematical modelling and algorithm techniques • Development of web based interfaces using technologies like Web2.0, WebKit for electronic gadget browsers and displays • Advanced protocols and algorithms using RFID • Implementation of IOT concept on real prototypes • Using undocumented/poorly documented APIs

With a global presence, 13 years’ experience and hundreds of clients in the UK, Leyton works alongside your accountants and tax advisors to offer a comprehensive and seamless service, operating on a no win-no fee basis.

Examples of typical customers Company A is a software development company that that design and build software solutions primarily for Local Authorities, Schools, Academies, Nurseries, Children’s Centres and private sector companies, providing them with valuable management information and business intelligence. They have 29 staff and worked on 6 projects last year that qualified for RDTC. One of the projects they worked on involved the development of a web based performance analysis system which was previously desktop based. They moved their technologies from Microsoft Access and C++ to the more current Microsoft .NET framework using SQL Server. Some of the technical challenges they faced in this project was improved performance, increased security and provide advanced reporting functionalities within the web based system. Company A worked with Leyton with their RDTC spending no more than 6-7 man-days HMRC accepted the claim 50 days after submission and Company A received £120,000 tax savings in the form of corporation tax refund 5 days after acceptance. Company B is a software development company that build bespoke software solutions for their clients including Advertising Booking Systems, Content Management Systems, mobile phone apps including Augmented Reality to name a few. They have 6 staff and worked on 4 projects last year that qualified for RDTC. One of the projects they worked on involved the development of a large interactive touch screen platform using Microsoft’s Surface technology and the technical challenges they faced in this project were two fold - hardware and software related. The hardware specific challenges revolved around the design of optimum laser and high resolution camera technology while the software specific challenges were related to developing bespoke software drivers to integrate the touch screen with the other high end hardware used. Company B worked with Leyton with their RDTC spending no more than 2-3 man-days HMRC accepted the claim 28 days after submission and Company B received £25,000 tax savings in the form of a payable tax credit (cash payment) 3 days after acceptance. To find out more and obtain a free R&D; audit of your business activities, contact us now. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what you could be entitled to.

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