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Athium Limited

Development Manager: Matthew Sewell
Address: The Venture Centre,, University of Warwick Science Park, Sir William Lyons Road, Coventry, CV4 7EZ
T: 0844 414 5894     W:     E: [email protected]


Company Size: 21-50 people.

Company Introduction
Athium Limited is a software development and business services company. We develop our own software applications, primarily for the management, transfer and use of knowledge and information. We also offer services throughout the entire lifecycle of an IT project - development, deployment, maintenance, support and shut down.
Company Profile
Athium Limited is a business services and software development company. We offer both business and IT services thoughout the life of a project, from design, through start up and running, to the completion and shut down. The services that we offer include: - Software development - Maintenance - System and project management - Troubleshooting - Software analysis and evaluation - Complete or partial testing - Consultancy Throughout this work our strength and focus is in translating a business problem so that we provide the appropriate tool to solve it. We provide an all in one solution, often for a fixed project cost. We also develop and use our own software. Our focus is on applications for the management, transfer and use of knowledge and information. Some of these applications are available as a stand alone product, but most are provided as a service or as part of a larger project. The applications that we provide include tools to: - Store and manage information - Allow people to transfer and easily access information - Allow people to collaborate using information - Provide an audit trail and reporting When working on a project for clients we often provide a mixture of both products and services, using our own, as well as proprietary and standards based software. This results in an all in one solution, even if we are integrating other people's software, providing a single point of contact and support and reducing the risk to the client. As a company we are not tied to any software vendor or technology, and select the most appropriate for each particular project.

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