Cyber Security for SMEs

Just because you are a smaller business doesn’t make you immune to cyber risks, many of which are automated and so attack across the board regardless of the size or ‘importance’ of the victim.

UKITA’s Cyber Essentials Scheme with  free Cyber Insurance cover  costs £300 plus vat

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. Certification against this scheme is increasingly required for any company bidding for government contracts and sometimes their supply chain too. In addition to this, other organisations are now starting to include Cyber Essentials certification as a requirement in their standard supplier contracts.

You can apply to be assessed against Cyber Essentials and obtain the certification. No uploading of evidence, vulnerability scan or site visit is required but you will need to get a board member to sign a declaration that your answers are true. The cost of self-assessment is £300 + VAT. This includes:

  • Certification against basic level Cyber Essentials
  • Optional certification against the IASME governance standard
  • Automatic cyber liability insurance for UK domiciled organisation with less than £20m turnover who pass the assessment with the whole company in scope (terms apply)

UKITA’s Cyber Essentials is carried out and administered by UKITA member IASME (Information Assurance for SMEs) and they have a number of higher levels of accreditation available.

Contact us at the membership office to find out more.

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