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Alternatives to cloud: How can I avoid moving to the cloud?

Barry Collins examines the legitimate reasons why a business might not choose to move to cloud solutions Cloud computing is often portrayed as an inevitable next step for businesses; not a matter of if, but when. Yet, there are reasons – and sound business reasons, not irrational burying of heads in sand – why cloud…


Is Europe heading for a Cloud Constitution?

Industry bodies lending their backing to EC initiative to standardise SLAs  The cloud computing industry could be drawing closer to having an effective constitution across Europe. The European Commission (EC) recently unveiled the Slalom initiative, the aim of which is to standardise contractual terms and service-level agreements (SLAs) for providers of cloud computing services across…


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Who are our members?  It’s hard to describe our members as coming from merely one single sector exactly - the breakdown by sub-sector is shown on the right UKITA members come from across the diverse IT/Tech/Digital spectrum of sectors - our members and contacts provide Digital Marketing (Website, SEO, Content Marketing), e-Commerce, Tech product and service development…

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