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Looking for completely FREE, IMPARTIAL and EXPERT business advice on how to go about sourcing a good supplier of Digital Marketing, Tech or IT products or services?

Get in touch with us right now at the membership office on 0844 445 7571, via [email protected] or use the livechat panel on the right

If you have questions about how to find and engage with suppliers of business IT, Tech and Digital services and products, you can speak to us on 0844 445 7571 - email  [email protected] or use the livechat panel on the website.The UK IT Association is the independent Trade Association for the UK’s small and medium-sized  IT, Tech and Digital suppliers.

  • Our Membership office is staffed by IT/Tech experts with decades of experience and  nothing to sell you except the skills, services  and professionalism of our member companies.  We will offer you clear outline advice on options for your business technology and how to prepare yourself for going into the marketplace for IT/Tech products and services - We speak ENGLISH … not ‘computer’.
  • Our members have a wide range of skills and services to offer to business owners in need of business technology solutions  and our independent head office staff can advise on how to engage with suppliers, the types of questions to ask and answers to look for.
  • Over 95% of the suppliers in the industry fall into the category of ‘small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) and UKITA is composed of and run by representatives of the sector.

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