UKITA in Europe

UKITA is a founder member of the European Digital SME Alliance which brings together UKITA’s sister organisations in other European countries with a combined membership of around 20,000 small and medium-sized IT/Tech and Digital business owners

Through Digital SME, UKITA and our members have:

  • ‘Our man in Brussels’ - Sebastiano Toffaletti,  who is the Secretary-General of the Digital Alliance.  Sebastiano is reponsible for day-to-day contacts with the machinery of the EU at high level and he knows  and is known by ‘anyone who IS anyone’ in the Brussels  IT, Tech, Digital and SME sectors
  • Connections to the IT/Tech associations in Europe which can be used to help UKITA members find agents, partners,  sales channels and resources from amongst the 20,000 like-minded small and medium-sized Tech, Digital and IT businesses they count as their members
  • Opportunities for UKITA members to get involved with funded projects and events across the EU and hosted by UKITA in the UK
  • Access to Sebastiano’s extensive expertise and contacts for any commercial or research consultancy activity or at meetings that you may wish to initiate from here in the UK

If you have activities in other EU countries or are just at the stage of  thinking about it, then find out more by  contacting us here at the UKITA membership offices using the various methods shown on our ‘Contact‘ page.

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