Our services revolve around our themes of:

  • More Business For You -  Helping Businesses Make Better Tech Buying Decisions - Driving up Standards in our Sectors

If you would like to know more about any of the services below, simply phone us on 0844 445 75751 -  email [email protected]  - use the live chat widget or sign up at the top of the page to be kept informed of developments

More Business for Members

  • IT/Tech tenders and projects sent to you each day - we do this by scouring dozens of websites and matching the tenders to your skillset in a daily email alert to you.

  • See the current list on the home page

  • ‘Direct projects’ appear in the daily alert email - this is where a client has approached UKITA directly with their requirements or via the Good IT Guide business advisory service
  • The Good IT Guide - helps buyers find our members who supply services they are looking for in their part of the UK
  • Members who produce content that would be genuinely useful to buyers of business tech and IT can get content published on our content marketing platforms and PRs can place qualifying stories on our Pressroom platform from MyNewsDesk

Driving up standards in the SME segment of the tech/IT/digital sector

  • Code of conduct - Our members sign up to a code of conduct which places the interests, experience and satisfaction of the client or customer at the heart of what our members will deliver
  • Quality Mark - A cost-effective standard allowing holders to tell customers that they have been ‘pre-vetted’ by their independent trade body
  • Cyber Essentials - This scheme is becoming more and more important as a pre-requisite to delivering services to the Public Sector including IT, Tech and Digital services
  • Skills Mark - Is an independent consultancy audit and certification which assesses what you have in place to develop the skills and capabilities of your people and raise your operation’s productivity and profitability

Authentic voice of the REAL economy’s Tech/IT/Digital sector


  • Helping remind the powers about the REAL Tech/IT/Digital economy
  • Google, Facebook, Tech City and other high-profile Tech and IT organisations are constantly in the media but it is actually the small and medium-sized suppliers that service the majority of the real UK business economy and drives productivity, profitability, investment and growth
  • This is what generates the tax revenue that powers the public sector, the schools, the NHS and all the other essentials we often take for granted
  • We are entirely self-funding so your subscription fees help us to keep driving home this message for benefit of all of us.

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