UKITA Membership Prices

UKITA’s costs are met entirely from membership fees.  We receive no Government funding or any other subsidy from the taxpayer.  Consequently, we have paid-for membership and additional paid-for services (like our pre-vetted-supplier certification, which is called   Quality Mark).

Number of people 12 Month Membership price - VAT will be added
1 person company £160
2-5 people £220
6-10 people £280
11-20 people £340
21-50 people £420
51-100 people £500
Organisations with more than 100 people Please get in touch with Membership Office

(You will be taken to the UKITA Members site to join online - or phone us on 0844 445 7571)

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If you have any questions, contact the Membership Office on 0844 445 7571 or [email protected]

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