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The UK IT Association - Recycle Me! | Campaigns

Recycle Me!

Is our project designed to help people into work in IT. It might be by starting their own IT, digital media or web-related company or by mixing with our members and getting involved in apprenticeships, mentoring or good old-fashioned employment!

We are currently developing our self-service marketplace so that it will help match-up people like:

  • Graduates looking for 1st IT job or working in non-graduate-level  jobs
  • Apprentices
  • Never-been-in-employment
  • Interns
  • Returners-to-work after career break
  • IT people leaving the armed forces
  • Public sector IT people needing to move to the private sector
  • Over 50's finding it hard to get interviews

We are looking to link up with organisations involved in helping any of these categories of people - where our members, subscribers and contacts could usefully get involved and make a difference.

If you are one of these organisations or you recognise yourself in our list of 'recyclers' why not get in touch with our membership office and perhaps you will find yourself 'Recycled' into a new IT career!