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The UK IT Association - UKITA Events Library | About UKITA

UKITA Events & TRAINING Library

As part of its mission to provide best practice and business technology leadership, UKITA has a series of off-the-shelf events which can be adapted and run for different audience types. These represent a comprehensive 'syllabus' of subjects for business improvement on both sides of the buyer-vendor equation.

The majority of these can be delivered as:

  • Keynote talk
  • half-day training course
  • full-day training course
Subjects covered fall into 2 categories:
  1. Events aimed at raising the game of IT SME businesses - to move them from 'surviving' towards thriving and growing
  2. vents aimed at the IT buyers - to raise their awareness and understanding of how SMEs can gain business advantage through IT adoption
Events for IT businesses:
  • Marketing and Selling for IT Companies (3 events)
    • Practical Marketing for IT SMEs
    • Practical Selling for IT SMEs
    • Trade Shows - how to get results
  • Finance - Money-management & pricing policy
  • Access to finance
  • EU collaboration opportunities for SMEs
  • R&D and IP creation
  • Resourcing - flexible employment and non-traditional models
  • Business process improvement
Events for all SME businesses:
  • Business Intelligence for SMEs
  • Bringing the Cloud down to earth for SMEs
  • Fast Broadband and the new possibiities for SMEs
  • Information Assurance (data security)
  • Practical IT procurement and project management for SMEs (applies to non-IT projects as well)
  • Social Media for business master-class
  • Mobile apps - who should and who shouldn’t be getting into this?
  • Business IT continuity, risk and compliance
  • Future workplace transformation through IT
  • SEO & SEM - the real story
If you don't see an event that you think would be useful - suggest it! Our UKITA expert members can put it together and deliver it.

0800 862 0333 and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it