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The UK IT Association - UKITA for Small Businesses | About UKITA

UKITA for Small Businesses

Within a small business, you will often have to multi-task. You might find yourself looking after customer enquiries, recruitment, book-keeping, sales and marketing and product development within the space of a single day... but who is looking after you?

We can provide you with information, opportunities and support as well as the reassurance that being a member of your trade association can offer your clients.

  • Demonstrate your professionalism. By agreeing to our code of conduct you are showing your customers, your competition and your future collaborators that you are serious about operating professionally.
  • Extend your personal network. Source future projects and benefit from the expertise and contacts of others... just as you would within a larger company.
  • Grow your knowledge. We will help you to stay up to date with best practice and our branch meetings and events often have guest speakers talking about subjects you will have suggested.
  • Get together. Collaboration is a common theme amongst our members. This can be invaluable for a small business, allowing you to accept projects that contain elements outside of your field of expertise.
  • Raise your profile. As a member, you will be promoted by UKITA. You will be featured on your branch’s promotional literature and you will be added to our directory and interactive map.
  • Explore new avenues. Through our partnerships with public sector organisations, universities and PIN-SME in Europe, we can also make you aware of emerging opportunities.

All members are also invited to the UKITA AGM which is an excellent opportunity to further extend your network, catch up on UKITA activity over the previous 12 months and find out about our exciting plans for the future!

See our PDF on Start Ups and Small Businesses

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