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The UK IT Association - Why Join UKITA? | About UKITA

Why Join UKITA?

  • Stand out from the competition by being a member of your national trade association.
  • Benefit from promotion on our membership map, on your branch literature and in our online directory.
  • Meet the main players within your region, develop business partnerships and collaborate on projects.
  • Make the most of our strong relationships within education and government.
  • 12 months membership from just £3.10 per week! Read on to learn more about UKITA membership benefits...

Sales & Promotion
Demonstrate Your Professionalism
Access to Expertise
Upward Mobility
Our Events

Sales & Promotion - More Business, Better Business

  • Your company will be added to our online directories, including our Membership Map. As well as making you more visible to potential clients, these links to your website will also contribute to your Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Find sales opportunities and projects within our local and national UKITA Business Marketplace.
  • Make your Social Media activity more productive by using and linking to UKITA's. Join our LinkedIn groups, interact with our members and follow our tweets.
  • Live regional tender opportunity feeds from our partners at Skillfair - the largest aggregator and matcher of public and private-sector tender opportunities in the UK.

Demonstrate your professionalism

"Why shouldn't higher quality mean a higher profit margin?"

We believe that companies which choose to compete by raising their quality deserve to be rewarded with commercial success. In what is often considered to be an unregulated industry there is an opportunity for the best IT companies to stand out and your UKITA membership is one way to show that you're serious about offering quality.

As with many trade associations, UKITA aims to raise operating standards within its industry by requiring its members to agree to a Code of Conduct. This reinforces our ethos of professionalism, fair dealing and keeping up to date with best practice in the fast moving sector in which you do business. 

You may find potential clients are reassured by your UKITA membership, so wear your badge with pride...

When you join UKITA you will be given a hard-copy certificate to display in your premises. We will also send you eCertificates and logos to use on your website and in email correspondence and a little suggested text which you may like to use or adapt for use in proposals and quotes.


Some businesses long to grow and some are very happy with the size they are now. Our membership includes both types.

For those that would like to get bigger, UKITA offers:

  • A network of UKITA member companies available to work with you on projects where your capacity or the need for specific technical skills would make it hard for you to tackle the project on your own
  • Access to large public and private sector partner agencies at local, regional, national and EU-level. We can signpost and assist you in making use of the services that they offer offering a route into export markets, product innovation and development, access to finance and sales training as well as a range of other issues that you will need to address as your company grows. In some cases these services have been developed in conjunction with UKITA to best meet the needs of IT SMEs such as yours.

Access to Experts

Within a large company, often a number of specialists from different fields will be assigned to work on the same problem. As a UKITA member, you can benefit from the same approach by drawing on the experience and expertise of your fellow members when needed. Of course, this is a two way street and you may be contacted for your expert opinion when members learn about your specialist knowledge. You can search your fellow member's profiles and use the membership map to find people near you.

Send them an email, pick up the phone... remember, you're in the same club as them and people tend to be happy to help out fellow club members!

Alternatively, you can always send a question or problem to the UKITA membership office or phone us on 0800 862 0333 and we'll contact the members and our external partner organisations on your behalf- with or without using your company name - whichever you prefer.

Upward Mobility from our contacts

Your UKITA membership can give you 'upward mobility'. What do we mean by that?

One of the ways that UKITA works is by maintaining good contacts and relationships with 'the powers that be'. Government agencies at a regional and national level, the business support agencies, universities and other national associations. Organisations of this type tend to like to deal with groups of end users of their services. For them it's more efficient and they can target their services and projects to what the group tells them their members need.

By being a member of UKITA, you get the chance to speak to these people directly and more easily than navigating those corridors on your own .. and you can influence the direction that UKITA goes in when it talks to those agencies about the needs of our members.

There is strength in numbers.


One of the main features of UKITA BRANCHES is that they run events. These events can be specifically for members and guests, or for the public in which case they are often promoted in the press and through our partner business support agencies.

Even in the business of IT, nothing can beat meeting up with someone face to face.

Our events can be:

  • Formal or informal
  • Focused on specific technical or business-related subjects
  • Large or small
  • Joint events, organised with other organisations


If there is currently no branch in your area - call the membership office on 0800 862 0333 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll see whether we can help set one up.

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