What is UKITA?

We are for the 95% of businesses in the UK Tech, IT and Digital sectors employing between 1 and 250 employees


95% of businesses in our sectors employ fewer than 250 people and so are categorised as ‘Small and Medium Enterprises’ or ‘SMEs’

Nearly 75% of the people in these sectors are employed in SMEs


UKITA Fast Facts:

  • We are a not-for-profit Membership Organisation and Trade Association - a member of the Trade Association Forum created by the CBI and we operate under the Trade Association Forum’s Guidelines
  • Founded in 2002 and originally funded by a regional public sector organisation (RDA), we successfully transitioned to UK-wide scope and became financially self-supporting through membership subscriptions and sponsorship in 2007
  • UKITA represents the interests of the Small & Medium IT, Tech and Digital sectors (up to 250 employees) which encompasses over 95% of the UK’s supplier businesses
  • The organisation is run by real Tech business people who deal with the real activity of the Tech, IT and Digital sectors every day. We know about the world of clients, customers, staff, sales, products, services and keeping the finances of a tech business going and growing because we deal with them every day of the week ourselves. We are not bureaucrats, corporate career-builders or the public sector - we are from exactly the same world as the people who join UKITA and help us work to get more business for and speak up for our members
  • We champion the successful use of digital business technology by the UK’s wider SME sector to promote quality, productivity, profitability, investment and therefore growth
  • Our 5 person head office is based in the Midlands and supported by a board of UKITA members elected by members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • UKITA is trusted by the public sector - we’ve delivered projects for Local Authorities, EC-funded projects and were selected as one of only 2 gateway IT adviser organisations for the £30m Growth Vouchers project alongside the BCS (formerly British Computer Society). Gateways to other advice categories included the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Accounting Institutes (ICAEW and ACCA)
  • We have full-time representation in Brussels as a founder  member of the European Digital SME Alliance (opens www.digitalsme.eu)

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