UKITA member’s apprentice wins Worcestershire Higher Apprenticeship Award 2014

Luke Carrier, winner of the Worcestershire Higher Apprenticeship Award 2014, is a perfect example of an apprentice who has demonstrated significant personal and professional development by undertaking a Tech Industry Gold Higher apprenticeship delivered by TDM Wyre Academy.

Recognised by the Tech Partnership as a Tech Industry Gold accredited programme, the apprenticeship has been designed by employers to ensure that apprentices are equipped with the skills they need to become software developer professionals.

Luke realised whilst studying for A-Levels that he would learn more through an apprenticeship, saying, “I have been developing codeline in my bedroom since I was 12. I found school difficult because the teachers were not able to stretch my IT skills. I found I was still struggling to motivate myself in Sixth Form, the IT content covered was still not stretching my experience and knowledge.”

When asked to describe his apprenticeship journey Luke, now aged 21, said: “When I discovered that there was an IT Software Development house in Bewdley - TDM Open Source Software Services - who were able to offer me an apprenticeship, I couldn’t resist the opportunity! My family supported me fully in my decision to apply.”

Having progressed to a Higher Apprenticeship Level, Luke became a fully professional and accountable software codeline developer.

“I started as a level 2 ICT Professional Apprentice, working with experienced developers, not only in my own office but in an international community. Three years down the line I’ve just completed my Higher Apprenticeship. While my peers have been studying at university, I have developed a bespoke software plugin for Nottingham University! During my three amazing apprenticeship years I have also been responsible for managing mission critical hosting contracts for big organisations such as Remploy and Nescot College. My proudest contribution, though, has been an in-house innovation, building on top of TotaraLMS software, I created the first version of “Totara for Apprenticeships” for my company’s own IT skills academy.”

Luke’s employers have felt that the apprenticeship had exceeded their expectations, with Luke actively contributing to codeline development of a range of open source software platforms. After around 8 months of apprenticeship experience, they were able to trust Luke to deliver on external contracts and customers have praised Luke’s technical skills, customer service and professionalism.

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