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UK IT Association (UKITA)

The widely reported 4G approval for Everything Everywhere could make the Superfast-to-the-premises agenda' which has powered all of the public sector and commercial private  (link) roll-outs, look a bit 'old-school.
Whereas it used to be a case of 'you can have it fast or you can have it mobile' It may soon be possible to have both, and as the leading edge of business and consumer digital usage has moved on to tablet and smartphone, the speed to your premises might start to look a bit 'last year'.
No doubt, plenty of tax income will continue to be thrown at fibre-to-the cabinet and to the premises, the average turning-circle for local and national political impetus being somewhere between 2 and 5 years.
Of course, if you're unwise enough to be operating your business from a rural location, the answer to 'fast or mobile' is quite likely to still be 'dial up'. Fax machine, anyone?
Andrew Corbett