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UK IT Association (UKITA)

Help with Marketing and Sales

With leads and promotion - WE are doing the work on your behalf, you just need to fill in your profile and let us do the rest.

With Marketing and Sales, it's more about us helping you with YOUR efforts.

Which of these is you?
  • Already well-developed marketing in place with internal or external resource in place
  • We're a conduit and a platform for your output

Doing a bit and would like to raise our game
  • Make sure you use our direct-feed into member stories and send us a note of ANYTHING you do so we can give some advice on whether it's news

Not really doing much or even anything and would like some help with getting started
  • Have a look at what other members are doing
  • Have a go yourselves and have some helpful peer-advice from other members of UKITA and some of our marketing experts in our Business Advisers Direct group

Your ACTION Points:

  • Review your 'pin' in The Good IT Guide. This is the platform we use to publicise our members to business buyers of IT and digital products and services
  • Send us your articles, PR and guides/whitepapers - if they're good - we'll use them
  • Fill in your profile especially SEO
  • Get a FREE MND subscription so you can feed your own items into our members news page HERE
  • Fill in your twitter field so we can monitor and retweet
  • Look at the BOILERPLATE text and the value of QM in addition
  • Tell your marketing person about us so they can send us article, news, white papers and press releases they do on your behalf and we’ll send them out on our own networks