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NordVPN is a popular virtual private network (VPN) service known for its strong commitment to privacy and security. Understanding the ownership structure of NordVPN is crucial for users seeking to evaluate its trustworthiness. NordVPN’s parent company, Nord Security, has played a significant role in shaping the VPN industry, building strategic partnerships, and maintaining focus on digital privacy and cybersecurity.

Over the years, there has been some discussion and investigation into the relationship between NordVPN, its payment manager Tesonet, and other VPN providers like Surfshark. These connections, as well as NordVPN’s operating locations and jurisdiction, potentially impact user confidence and influence the company’s approach to privacy and security. NordVPN’s future outlook and market consensus depend not only on the company’s innovative software and security but also on maintaining its credibility in a highly competitive industry.

Key Takeaways

  • NordVPN is owned by Nord Security, a company dedicated to privacy and cybersecurity.
  • The relationships among NordVPN, Tesonet, and other VPN providers influence user trust.
  • Maintaining credibility and innovating in digital privacy and security are essential for NordVPN’s future success within the VPN industry.

Ownership of NordVPN

Tesonet and Eimantas Sabaliauskas

NordVPN is a product developed by Nord Security, formerly known as Nordsec Ltd. In the initial phase, NordVPN was supported by Tesonet, a Lithuanian startup accelerator and business incubator. Tesonet played a crucial role in the growth of NordVPN, providing resources and backing for the development of the cybersecurity software.

Eimantas Sabaliauskas, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has also been associated with NordVPN. Sabaliauskas is an experienced leader who has been involved in a variety of successful tech ventures and projects.

Novator and Tom Okman

In recent years, Nord Security has grown exponentially and attracted the attention of investors such as Novator Partners. In 2022, Nord Security raised its first-ever funding of $100 million at a valuation of $1.6 billion, with Novator as one of the key investors.

Tom Okman, one of the co-founders of Nord Security, has played a significant role in the development and growth of NordVPN. In an exclusive interview with ZDNet, Okman shared his five-year plan for making Nord Security a one-stop privacy suite for both consumers and businesses.

As NordVPN continues to expand its offerings, the company remains dedicated to providing high-quality cybersecurity solutions under the competent leadership of individuals like Tesonet, Eimantas Sabaliauskas, Novator Partners, and Tom Okman.

NordVPN’s Privacy and Security Approach

No-Logs Policy

NordVPN is known for its strong commitment to user privacy. One of the essential aspects of their service is the no-logs policy. This means that NordVPN does not store any records of user’s online activities, ensuring complete anonymity. With a strict no-logs policy in place, even if a third party requests information about a user’s online activities, NordVPN has nothing to provide.


Another crucial element of NordVPN’s privacy and security approach is their use of encryption. NordVPN employs the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys, considered among the most secure encryption methods available. This level of encryption ensures that the user’s data remains protected and private, preventing potential cybercriminals or hackers from intercepting or accessing the information.

Double VPN

NordVPN takes security one step further with their Double VPN feature. This technique involves routing the user’s internet traffic through two VPN servers instead of just one. By doing so, the connection gets encrypted twice, providing an additional layer of security. This is particularly useful for users in countries with strict censorship and surveillance or those concerned with online privacy.

Together, NordVPN’s no-logs policy, robust encryption, and Double VPN feature create a virtual environment focused on maintaining privacy and security for their users. With its confident and clear approach, NordVPN continues to be a leader in the Virtual Private Network industry.

Software and Services by Nord Security

Nord Security is the company behind the popular VPN service, NordVPN. In addition to NordVPN, the company offers a range of other privacy and security-focused products designed for both individuals and businesses. Some of these key products include NordPass, NordLocker, NordVPN Teams, and NordLayer.

NordPass is a user-friendly password manager that helps users store, organize, and access their passwords securely. It employs advanced encryption to protect users’ sensitive information and offers convenient features like autosave and autofill, making it easier for users to log in to their favorite websites and apps.

NordLocker is a file encryption and cloud sync solution, allowing users to protect and securely share their documents and files. With NordLocker, users can easily encrypt their data using state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms, ensuring privacy even when uploading files to cloud storage services. This tool helps guarantee both personal and professional data remains secure and accessible only by authorized users.

For businesses, Nord Security offers NordVPN Teams and NordLayer. NordVPN Teams is a business-focused VPN service that provides companies with a centralized solution to manage their teams’ privacy and security. It features a dedicated account manager, custom pricing, and centralized billing, making it attractive for enterprises with remote workers who need to connect securely to their company’s internal resources.

NordLayer is an advanced network security solution designed to help organizations protect their digital assets and communications. This solution allows businesses to build custom secure access policies for their network and offers the ability to connect external cloud service providers for seamless integration. NordLayer also lets organizations monitor their network traffic and set up custom reports, providing granular control and visibility over their network infrastructure.

Overall, Nord Security’s suite of products is aimed at meeting the diverse needs of both individual users and businesses. By offering robust security and privacy solutions like NordVPN, NordPass, NordLocker, NordVPN Teams, and NordLayer, the company is well-positioned in the market to help clients maintain their online privacy, protect sensitive data, and enhance their security posture.

Relation with Other VPN Services


NordVPN’s parent company, Nord Security, has recently merged with VPN provider Surfshark, combining the strengths of two top VPN services1. The merger aims to strengthen their industry positioning and capitalize on the synergy between the two companies2. Surfshark was previously a fast-growing competitor, and its integration into Nord Security should enhance the overall capabilities and offerings of both VPN providers2.

Atlas VPN

Nord Security also acquired Atlas VPN, further expanding its portfolio of VPN brands. This acquisition is part of NordVPN’s strategic plan to make Nord Security the go-to company for digital privacy and security solutions3. The integration of Atlas VPN adds to NordVPN’s already robust VPN offerings, providing users with additional options for their privacy needs.

As Nord Security continues to grow and form partnerships with other VPN providers, the company remains committed to offering the best privacy and security solutions. These collaborations help to ensure that NordVPN stays at the forefront of the VPN market, providing excellent services for a wide range of users.

Industrial Relationships and Mergers

Ties with StrongVPN and IPVanish

While researching NordVPN’s business relationships, there is no direct link between NordVPN and StrongVPN or IPVanish. However, it is essential to note that NordVPN has recently gone through a significant merger with another major VPN provider.

In February 2022, NordVPN’s parent company, Nord Security, announced a merger with Surfshark, a top VPN provider. This merger aimed to unite both companies’ strengths and resources, and it is considered one of the largest mergers in the industry. Although both NordVPN and Surfshark will continue to operate independently, their combined efforts will work towards creating a more robust security and privacy product offering.

Partnership with Versprite

NordVPN has focused on ensuring the security and privacy of its services by partnering with cybersecurity leaders like Versprite. Versprite is a global security consulting firm specializing in providing comprehensive security assessments, penetration testing, and security training.

NordVPN selected Versprite as their independent cybersecurity partner to ensure the ongoing security and privacy of their products. This collaboration includes security audits, vulnerability assessments, and ongoing security consulting services. By working with Versprite, NordVPN strengthens its commitment to providing customers with a secure and reliable VPN service.

In summary, NordVPN has made significant moves in the industry by merging with Surfshark and partnering with cybersecurity leader Versprite. Although there are no apparent connections between NordVPN and StrongVPN or IPVanish, their focus on growth and security positions them as a major player in the VPN industry.

Trust and Credibility in the VPN Industry

The VPN industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing concerns over data privacy and security. As a result, trust and credibility have become crucial factors for users when choosing a VPN provider. In this section, we will discuss the ways in which NordVPN, owned by Tefincom, has established itself as a trustworthy and credible player in the market.

Audits from Trustworthy Institutions

To demonstrate their commitment to transparency and security, NordVPN has undergone multiple independent audits by well-respected organizations. Their most recent audit in June 2021 confirmed NordVPN’s adherence to strict no-logs policies, which means the service is secure and doesn’t keep any records of user data or online activities. These audits reflect NordVPN’s dedication to maintaining the highest privacy standards and ensuring user data is never compromised.

Bug Bounty Program

In the quest for a secure service, NordVPN has also implemented a Bug Bounty Program as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain a secure platform. This initiative encourages security specialists and researchers to identify potential vulnerabilities in NordVPN’s service or infrastructure. By proactively addressing these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, NordVPN is able to further strengthen its security measures and provide a more secure experience for its users.

VPN Trust Initiative

NordVPN is one of the founding members of the VPN Trust Initiative which was launched in December 2019. This collaborative effort among several VPN providers aims to promote online security, transparency, and self-regulation within the industry. By participating in this initiative, NordVPN showcases its commitment to maintaining high standards of trust and credibility within the VPN market.

In conclusion, trust and credibility are essential factors for VPN users. NordVPN has made significant efforts to establish itself as a reliable and secure provider by undergoing independent audits, implementing a bug bounty program, and participating in the VPN Trust Initiative. These efforts demonstrate the company’s commitment to their users’ privacy and security in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Impact on Digital Privacy and Open Internet

NordVPN, owned by Nord Security, plays a significant role in promoting digital privacy and maintaining an open internet. This section will focus on its role in countering censorship and protecting sensitive information.

Role in Countering Censorship

NordVPN is a powerful tool in combating censorship and promoting open access to information on the internet. The company achieves this by providing users with the ability to bypass geolocation restrictions and connect to servers in various countries. This allows people in countries with government-imposed restrictions to access blocked content and news sources, ensuring that they can stay informed and exercise their right to free speech.

In addition to helping users bypass restrictions, NordVPN also helps protect online anonymity. By encrypting a user’s internet connection, they can browse the web without leaving a trace or revealing their location. This is particularly important for journalists, activists, and individuals living in oppressive regimes, where expressing dissenting opinions or accessing censored information can lead to severe consequences.

Protecting Sensitive Information

NordVPN’s commitment to digital privacy also extends to safeguarding sensitive information. The company employs advanced encryption and security protocols, ensuring the privacy and security of its users. By using a VPN service, users can protect their personal data such as email correspondence, browsing history, and financial transactions from being monitored or collected by unwanted parties.

The company also emphasizes its commitment to a strict no-log policy and transparency when it comes to handling user data. For peace of mind, this means that NordVPN does not store any information that can be used to identify individual users or their online activities.

By providing tools that empower individuals to bypass censorship and protect sensitive information, NordVPN is a strong advocate for digital privacy and open internet access.

Operating Locations and Jurisdiction

Offices in Lithuania and Panama

NordVPN, a leading VPN service provider, has multiple office locations, including Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Panama, and the Netherlands1. The main operational offices are situated in Lithuania and Panama, allowing the company to maintain a global presence.

Jurisdiction Under Fourteen Eyes

NordVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Panama2. This is an important aspect for a VPN service, as Panama does not have mandatory data retention laws and does not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes intelligence-sharing alliances1. As a result, NordVPN can provide a higher level of privacy and anonymity to their customers, which is crucial for maintaining trust in their services.

Although NordVPN has offices in countries like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands1, both of which are part of the Fourteen Eyes alliance, their jurisdiction remains under Panamanian law. This ensures that the company can uphold its commitment to user privacy, even with offices in these locations.

Future Outlook and Market Consensus

Potential Consolidation in the VPN Market

The VPN market has experienced significant growth in recent years, and it’s expected to continue expanding. With increased demand, there’s potential for consolidation in the sector. Companies like NordVPN might look for opportunities to enhance their offerings and market presence through mergers or acquisitions. As NordVPN already dominates the VPN market share, this could lead them to consolidate their position as a market leader.

Leading Role in the Cybersecurity Field

Nord Security, the company behind NordVPN, has ambitious plans for the future. With a 5-year plan to become a comprehensive privacy and security solution provider, they aim to expand their product portfolio and solidify their reputation in the cybersecurity field.

In April 2022, Nord Security raised $100 million in outside capital to fuel their growth, with a valuation of $1.6 billion. This funding highlights the market’s confidence in Nord Security’s ability to innovate and lead the industry.

It’s important to note the link between NordVPN and Surfshark, as their founder revealed the ties to Nord Security and Tesonet. This connection demonstrates the potential for collaboration and shared resources in the cybersecurity field, further strengthening NordVPN’s position as a leader in the market.

As a highly-rated VPN provider and a key player in cybersecurity, NordVPN is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for user privacy and digital security solutions. Their strong market presence, ambitious plans, and recent investments ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of NordVPN?

NordVPN was founded by Tom Okman and his team. Tom Okman has also been involved in the creation of other cybersecurity applications, focusing on privacy and security for their users.

What company is behind NordVPN?

NordVPN is operated by NordVPN S.A., a company that is dedicated to providing internet privacy and security services. They offer various tools and services, including their flagship VPN service, NordVPN.

Where is NordVPN based?

NordVPN is based in Panama, a country known for its strong privacy laws. This location helps ensure that NordVPN can offer robust privacy protections to its users, as Panama does not require data retention or have surveillance-sharing agreements with other countries.

Is Nord Security the owner of NordVPN?

Yes, Nord Security is the parent company of NordVPN. In addition to NordVPN, Nord Security also offers other security and privacy solutions, making it a growing presence in the cybersecurity industry.

What is the relationship between NordVPN and Tesonet?

Tesonet is a separate company known for its technology services and product development. Although there have been claims of a connection between Tesonet and NordVPN, it’s important to note that NordVPN is operated independently by NordVPN S.A. and is not owned or directly managed by Tesonet.

Is NordVPN a publicly traded company?

As of now, NordVPN is not a publicly traded company. It is privately held, which allows it to focus on providing top-notch privacy and security services for its users without the pressures of public shareholders.


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