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As more people turn to VPN services to maintain their privacy online and access geo-restricted content, a common question arises: does ProtonVPN work with Netflix? ProtonVPN is a popular VPN choice for its emphasis on privacy and user security. But, as with other VPNs, its ability to unblock Netflix content effectively plays a significant role in its overall value to users.

To provide a definitive answer, it’s essential to consider ProtonVPN’s worldwide server network, compatibility with various devices, and the performance and speed it offers. Simultaneously, taking into account the security features, customer support, and plans and pricing offered by the service is crucial to gauge its suitability for streaming Netflix content.

Key Takeaways

  • ProtonVPN can unblock Netflix content, but effectiveness varies.
  • ProtonVPN offers strong security features and compatibility with various devices.
  • Users should consider other factors such as speed, performance, and customer support when choosing ProtonVPN for Netflix streaming.

What is ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a popular virtual private network (VPN) service that provides users with a secure and private online experience. Developed by the same team behind ProtonMail, one of the world’s leading encrypted email services, ProtonVPN places a strong emphasis on privacy, security, and ease of use.

As a VPN service, ProtonVPN’s primary function is to encrypt internet traffic and mask its users’ IP addresses. This ensures that users can maintain anonymity while online and prevent third parties from monitoring their browsing activity. Additionally, by connecting to a ProtonVPN server, users can access geo-restricted content and bypass certain firewalls.

In terms of compatibility, ProtonVPN supports multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. Users can choose from various servers located worldwide, which opens up the possibility to access content that may be restricted in certain regions.

One of the significant advantages of ProtonVPN is its adherence to a strict no-logs policy. This means that the company does not collect or store any user activity data on its servers, further enhancing user privacy. ProtonVPN also offers robust security features such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and strong encryption protocols to protect users from potential threats.

Many users are interested in ProtonVPN’s ability to work with streaming services like Netflix. In some cases, ProtonVPN has been able to unblock Netflix and other streaming platforms, allowing users to access a wider range of content based on their server location.

In conclusion, ProtonVPN is a reliable VPN service that values user privacy and security. With a broad range of features and support for various platforms, ProtonVPN allows users to browse the internet safely and confidently.

Does ProtonVPN Work with Netflix?

ProtonVPN is a popular VPN service that offers varying levels of privacy and server options. One of the many features that users of ProtonVPN are interested in is its ability to work with Netflix, a widely-used streaming service. Here, we will explore whether ProtonVPN works with Netflix and how well it performs.

According to Comparitech, ProtonVPN works with Netflix on its dedicated streaming servers. These servers are marked with a play button and can be found in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, and India. By connecting to one of these servers, you should be able to access Netflix and enjoy your favorite content. Additionally, Reddit users have confirmed that using ProtonVPN with Netflix in the US is possible, though results may vary depending on the server you’re connected to.

When considering ProtonVPN, it’s important to know that in order to access its streaming capabilities, you’ll likely need to choose their Plus plan. This plan allows for higher bandwidth, faster speeds, and access to the dedicated streaming servers mentioned earlier. The basic plan, though cheaper, may not provide the necessary features to consistently access Netflix and other streaming services.

However, users should be aware that streaming to a TV or using AirPlay on AppleTV may not work since the device, while connected to a VPN, cannot connect to the local network anymore. This limitation may be important for those who prefer streaming Netflix content on a bigger screen instead of their computers or mobile devices.

In summary, ProtonVPN does work with Netflix, specifically when using the dedicated streaming servers available on their Plus plan. With a diverse list of server locations, you’ll have access to a variety of Netflix content from around the world while maintaining your privacy and security online.

ProtonVPN’s Worldwide Servers

ProtonVPN offers an impressive network of worldwide servers, allowing users to access content from various locations. With over 1,700+ servers in different locations, the Swiss-based VPN service ensures that users experience secure and reliable connections across the globe.

One significant advantage of ProtonVPN’s diverse server locations is its ability to bypass geo-restrictions. Some users have reported success in accessing Netflix content by connecting to ProtonVPN’s servers in countries where the streaming service is available. For instance, it’s possible to watch Netflix US or Netflix UK content by connecting to a US server or a UK server respectively.

ProtonVPN also provides servers in European countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands, allowing access to various EU streaming content. Moreover, the VPN service covers locations in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan, Australia, South Korea, and India. Users in North America can make use of servers in both the United States and Canada.

Switzerland is another critical server location for ProtonVPN. Being the company’s home base, Swiss servers guarantee that users enjoy the highest level of privacy due to the country’s strict privacy laws and data protection regulations.

Overall, ProtonVPN’s wide range of server locations ensures that subscribers can enjoy a versatile and secure browsing experience. With servers strategically placed in key regions around the world, users can confidently access geo-restricted content and maintain their online privacy.

Using ProtonVPN for Netflix on Different Devices

When it comes to using ProtonVPN for accessing Netflix, the compatibility varies across different platforms and devices. ProtonVPN provides native applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, making it easy to set up and use the VPN on most devices.

For Windows and macOS users, installing the ProtonVPN client is straightforward. Simply download the installer from the official website and follow the instructions to set up the VPN connection on your device. Once connected, open Netflix in your web browser, and you should be able to access its content.

Android and iOS users can also enjoy Netflix with ProtonVPN by downloading the corresponding app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Log in with your ProtonVPN credentials and connect to the VPN server. After successfully connecting, you can access Netflix through its app or web browser on your device.

While setting up ProtonVPN on Android TV or Fire TV might be a bit more challenging, it is still possible. Although the ProtonVPN Android app is not fully optimized for Android TV/TV boxes, you may still be able to install it through sideloading. Alternatively, you can configure a ProtonVPN connection on your router and connect your Android TV or Fire TV to the router instead. By doing so, your device will utilize the VPN connection to access Netflix.

Watching Netflix through Kodi or Roku can be trickier, as ProtonVPN does not have native applications for these platforms. In this case, configuring ProtonVPN on your router might be your best bet. By connecting your Kodi or Roku device to the VPN-enabled router, you can enjoy Netflix with the added security and privacy provided by ProtonVPN.

Remember to choose the right server when connecting to ProtonVPN, as certain servers may not be optimized for streaming Netflix content. Experiment with different server locations to find the one that works best for you. It’s important to be aware that some users have reported Netflix detecting ProtonVPN, which may cause occasional issues.

ProtonVPN Speed and Performance

ProtonVPN offers a reliable and fast service, making it an appealing choice for users who want to stream shows on Netflix. The company constantly works to enhance its network, resulting in improved speeds and overall performance. One example of their continuous improvement is the introduction of VPN Accelerator, which significantly boosts the speed and is available for all users with paid accounts.

Since streaming content on Netflix requires a stable and fast connection, it’s crucial to have a VPN that maintains good speeds while connected. While using ProtonVPN, users have reported occasional issues when trying to access Netflix, but simply switching to another server typically resolves this problem - proving that ProtonVPN is compatible with Netflix.

When it comes to speed tests, ProtonVPN has demonstrated consistent performance across various locations and server networks. With a strong server presence in military-grade shelters, ProtonVPN adds an extra layer of security without compromising on speed. Although it can be a bit more expensive compared to its competitors, the $11.49-per-month Proton VPN account offers a high-speed, reliable service for a premium experience.

In summary, ProtonVPN delivers on both speed and performance, allowing users to enjoy a seamless streaming experience when watching Netflix. Their ongoing commitment to improving network infrastructure and implementing features like VPN Accelerator further distinguishes ProtonVPN as a top choice for those seeking a fast, secure, and dependable VPN service.

Security Features of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN offers a variety of security features to ensure users stay safe and secure online while using their service. One of the key features is the ability to mask your IP address, which prevents websites and online services from tracking your location and personal information.

To further enhance your privacy, ProtonVPN has a feature called VPN Plus. This offers users additional layers of security, such as Secure Core, which consists of a series of dedicated servers owned and operated by ProtonVPN. This ensures that your data is routed through secure and privacy-friendly jurisdictions before connecting to the final VPN server.

A major concern for VPN users is the possibility of a network failure that could expose their activities online. ProtonVPN addresses this issue with a fast-acting kill switch that automatically disconnects you from the internet if the VPN connection is dropped. This ensures that your data remains safe even if there is an unexpected interruption.

ProtonVPN’s commitment to security is further demonstrated by their use of strong encryption. This includes AES-256 encryption, combined with a 4096-bit RSA key exchange and HMAC with SHA384 for message authentication. These measures ensure that your data is well protected from eavesdropping and tampering while it travels through the VPN tunnel.

In conclusion, ProtonVPN offers a robust set of security features that aim to provide users with a secure and private connection. With the combination of masking IP addresses, VPN Plus, a fast-acting kill switch, and strong encryption, ProtonVPN remains a confident and reliable choice for safeguarding your online privacy.

Customer Support of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN provides a competent customer support system to help users with technical issues, account management, and other queries. The support team is accessible through various channels, aiming to provide a reliable and satisfactory customer experience.

One way to get in touch with the ProtonVPN support team is by submitting a support request on their website. This enables users to communicate their concerns and receive a prompt response from the technical support team. The response time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but the dedicated team strives to resolve user concerns swiftly and efficiently.

In case users encounter issues with unblocking Netflix, the support team is available to offer assistance. They have experience in addressing the concerns of customers in this area and can guide users on which servers to select. For instance, the US-NY server is known to work well for unblocking Netflix due to its private IP allocation.

For new users unsure about whether ProtonVPN will meet their requirements, the VPN provider offers a refund policy. Customers can take advantage of this money-back guarantee within a specific period after purchase if they find that the service does not fulfill their expectations. Details of the refund policy can be found on the ProtonVPN website.

It’s worth noting that ProtonVPN does not offer live chat support, which may be more convenient for users who prefer real-time interactions. However, the available support channels provide enough guidance and assistance, ensuring a quality user experience.

In conclusion, ProtonVPN’s customer support system effectively addresses the needs of its users. With its dedicated support team, technical expertise, and refund policy, customers have access to the necessary assistance for a seamless VPN experience.

Unblocking Content with ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a popular choice for users looking to bypass geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney+. With its strong security measures, fast speeds, and commitment to user privacy, ProtonVPN offers a reliable solution for accessing region-specific content.

One of the major advantages of ProtonVPN is its ability to unblock US Netflix for those residing outside the United States. To do this, you’ll need to connect to a ProtonVPN server located in the US. Some users have reported success using the US-NY server, as it assigns a private IP which helps bypass Netflix’s crackdown on VPN usage, according to a Reddit post.

If you wish to access non-US Netflix libraries, such as Australia, ProtonVPN can also provide a solution. Users have reported success in unblocking non-US Netflix with the service, allowing them to enjoy a wider range of content from different regions.

Apart from Netflix, ProtonVPN can help users access other streaming platforms with geo-restricted content, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney+. To access these services, simply connect to a ProtonVPN server in the desired country, and the platform’s content catalog should update automatically, as mentioned in a Comparitech article.

In summary, ProtonVPN is an effective tool for unblocking content on popular streaming platforms. By connecting to the right server locations, you can enjoy a wider variety of content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney+, regardless of your geographical location.

ProtonVPN Plans and Pricing

ProtonVPN offers a range of plans to cater to various needs and budgets. They provide a Free plan, as well as three paid plans: VPN Basic, VPN Plus, and Visionary.

The Free version is quite limited but allows users to try out ProtonVPN without any cost. It provides access to only 3 countries and doesn’t support the high-speed Plus servers or streaming services like Netflix.

The VPN Basic plan is an affordable option, priced at $5 per month. This plan offers a good balance between cost and functionality, allowing users to connect to servers in more than 50 countries. However, this plan doesn’t include access to the Plus servers or support for streaming services.

Next up is the VPN Plus plan which costs $10 per month. With the Plus subscription, users get access to the whole VPN network, including the Plus servers. These servers offer the best performance and are optimized for streaming. The Plus plan also supports streaming services like Netflix, making it a popular choice for users who want a VPN primarily for accessing streaming content.

Lastly, the Visionary plan is the most comprehensive offering from ProtonVPN. Priced at $33 per month, it includes access to all the features of the VPN Plus plan, along with a ProtonMail subscription. Visionary users receive Proton Unlimited access, which means there are no restrictions on the server selection or bandwidth usage.

Here’s a summary of the plan features and pricing:

PlanPrice per MonthPlus ServersStreaming SupportServer CountriesProtonMail Included
VPN Basic$5NoNo50+No
VPN Plus$10YesYesAllNo

All plans allow for simultaneous connections on multiple devices, with the Free plan allowing 1 device, the VPN Basic plan allowing 2 devices, and both the VPN Plus and Visionary plans allowing up to 10 devices to be connected at a time. Overall, ProtonVPN’s plans cater to a wide range of users, offering various levels of features and pricing to suit different needs.

Alternatives to ProtonVPN

If you’re looking for VPN services that work well with Netflix, there are several alternatives to ProtonVPN worth considering. These alternatives offer various features and benefits that cater to different user needs, such as accessibility, pricing, and connection speeds.

  • ExpressVPN: is a popular choice due to its lightning-fast speeds and best-in-class encryption. With servers in 94 countries, it supports seamless streaming from Netflix and other platforms.
  • Surfshark: offers an excellent budget-friendly option with unlimited device connections and split tunneling. It is also known for effectively unblocking streaming services, including Netflix.
  • NordVPN: is another reputable VPN service that features advanced security and high-speed connections. With its extensive network of servers, it can unblock numerous streaming platforms, including Netflix.
  • CyberGhost: is known for its user-friendly interface, dedicated streaming servers, and P2P support. Its built-in kill switch feature ensures your privacy remains intact even when the VPN connection drops.
  • PureVPN: has a massive network of servers, allowing users to access Netflix from different regions. With a user-friendly app and support for multiple devices, it ensures efficient streaming.
  • Private Internet Access (PIA): focuses on privacy and customization features, while still providing access to Netflix. Its extensive server network helps users connect from various locations across the globe.
  • Ivacy: is becoming increasingly popular because of its compatibility with streaming platforms. With a vast number of servers and features like split tunneling, Ivacy helps improve streaming experiences.
  • Opera: is not a VPN service but rather a web browser with built-in Opera VPN. Although it does not offer the same level of functionality as other VPN services, it can unblock Netflix for free, making it a viable option for casual users.

When selecting a VPN service to use with Netflix, remember to consider factors such as speed, server locations, and security features. Ensure that the VPN provider offers a reliable connection to maximize your streaming experience.

Unspoken Factors of Using ProtonVPN with Netflix

ProtonVPN is a popular VPN provider that aims to offer users increased privacy and security while browsing the internet. However, when attempting to watch Netflix’s US library with ProtonVPN, there are certain factors to consider.

Many users turn to a VPN app to access geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix. While ProtonVPN has several US servers, some users on the subreddit have reported issues with Netflix detecting and blocking access through these servers. To enhance streaming compatibility, ProtonVPN suggests using Plus servers in the appropriate countries, as these servers are optimized for streaming.

Aside from the type of server, you should also consider the web browser and its settings. Clearing browser cache and using a browser with strong anti-tracking features, such as Firefox or Chrome, can help prevent detection by Netflix. Additionally, some users reported success with using the ProtonVPN Windows app and excluding certain processes, such as wwahost.exe.

ProtonVPN also offers a VPN accelerator feature, improving streaming performance and reducing buffering. This can be especially helpful for users who want to combat online censorship while gaming or streaming Netflix content.

While using ProtonVPN, always be cautious of online security issues. VPN users can be at risk for various security concerns, regardless of the VPN provider chosen. Encrypting data with a VPN helps, but it’s essential to remain vigilant by using a secure browsing environment, enabling multi-factor authentication, and regularly updating your devices.

It’s essential to note that though ProtonVPN can be effective in bypassing Netflix’s geographical restrictions, there is no guarantee that all servers will work with this streaming platform consistently. Unblocking certain content could also potentially violate Netflix’s terms of service.

In conclusion, using ProtonVPN with Netflix can offer access to the US library and other region-specific content. However, multiple factors might affect the compatibility and security while streaming. Choosing the appropriate servers and web browser, enabling the VPN accelerator, and being vigilant about online security will enhance the overall experience.


ProtonVPN is known to work with Netflix to some extent, but users may experience occasional issues when trying to access certain content. In ProtonVPN’s review, it was highlighted that there could be instances where Netflix doesn’t work, but choosing another server usually fixes the problem. This means that users have the ability to enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies using ProtonVPN.

When testing ProtonVPN for Netflix streaming, it is important to keep in mind that results may vary. Some Reddit users have reported trouble connecting to specific regions, while others haven’t encountered such issues. It is recommended to experiment with different servers and locations to find what works best for your needs.

For users who are not satisfied with ProtonVPN’s compatibility with Netflix, there are alternatives worth considering. Many VPN providers specialize in unblocking streaming services and may offer better performance for Netflix or other platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer.

In addition to Netflix streaming, ProtonVPN is also a good choice for users concerned with privacy and security. The service offers features such as strong encryption, no-logs policy, and access to a wide range of server locations. However, it is essential to note that streaming to devices like TVs or using AirPlay with AppleTV might not work, as mentioned by another Reddit user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream Netflix using ProtonVPN?

Yes, you can stream Netflix using ProtonVPN. Many users have had success accessing multiple Netflix regions, including the US, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, and France source.

Which ProtonVPN servers support Netflix?

All Plus servers across ProtonVPN are supposed to unblock Netflix source. You can find more information about specific servers by checking ProtonVPN’s documentation or contacting their customer support.

How does ProtonVPN compare to other VPNs for Netflix?

ProtonVPN is considered an exemplary choice for streaming Netflix, thanks to its powerful features, affordability, and the best free subscription reviewed by PCMag source. However, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may vary, and what works for one person might not work for another.

Why isn’t my ProtonVPN connecting to Netflix?

If your ProtonVPN isn’t connecting to Netflix, try switching to a different server, preferably one that is known to work well with Netflix. Ensure your VPN settings are correct and that your internet connection is functioning properly. If you still have issues, contacting ProtonVPN customer support might help resolve the problem.

Is there a free ProtonVPN plan for Netflix streaming?

Yes, ProtonVPN offers a free plan, which has been praised for its quality. However, it’s important to note that the free plan may have limitations compared to the paid plans, and not all servers might be available for Netflix streaming.

How does using a VPN affect Netflix streaming quality?

Using a VPN can affect your Netflix streaming quality. However, Netflix outlines that while using a VPN, they will only show you TV shows and movies with worldwide rights, such as Squid Game or Stranger Things source. If you don’t see the content available for your country, turning off your VPN and trying Netflix again may help. It’s also important to choose a VPN with a good reputation for fast speeds and high-quality streaming to minimize any negative impact on the viewing experience.

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